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StayExpress is our way of providing you the opportunity to save, gain support and succeed in the hotel industry. Our company will give you an affordable and equitable chance to capitalize on hotel savings all while joining a fair and transparent franchise. You do not want to miss out on our short-term, all-inclusive contracts.

Dear Hoteliers

As you know, the golden days of walk-in guests are over due to the era of the internet and the increase in online travel agents. Hotels have lost control over the arriving guests to OTA’s. Being franchised is also costing between 15% to 25% of your hard-earned money. Now we have to deal with Coronavirus. The question is, what do you do and how do you stay in business?

We know the difficulty of owning and operating a high-end hotel that is independent or a part of a franchise, which is why we have found a more affordable way to put ease in your business and money back in your pocket. Our business model works on the following three principles to ensure that every penny is worth it.

1. Team Player

We understand the devotion and dedication it takes to operate a hotel, but we are by your side. From the moment you join our team, we are committed to working alongside you in your efforts of making your hotel a one of a kind Stay Express. With our technology and infrastructure, we will ensure that your hotel receives increased property visibility.

2. Save More, Make More

Not only will you have a team that is right by you, ready to assist in any way possible, but you will also be saving and making more money. Through our all-inclusive deal, you will be receiving our technological strategies, property management system, marketing assistance and more. Not only are our joining fees highly discounted, but it is also easy and manageable for anyone seeking a more affordable plan. It is a low cost, stress and hassle-free all-inclusive deal that you do not want to miss out on.

3. All In One

Stay Express focuses on providing your hotel with its very own website and booking engine with digital marketing, social media marketing, location-based SEO optimization marketing along with remote training & support.

Top 10 Golden Benefits of  Joining Stay Express

Minimal Membership Fee or Royalty Fee*

Low Initial Fee

Sensible PIP*

No Brand Booking Fee*

PMS Included with System Fee

CRS Included with System Fee

TA & OTA Channel Management Included with System Fee

All Stay Express Brands Approved by SBA

Your own Local SEO Optimized Website with Booking Engine

Remote Training & Support Included with System Fee

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